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Where is My Order?



  • Bernard Lebobe

    Commande No 1646143, je n'ai toujours pas reçu ma commande Tee-shirt Joe strummer noir XL ! Pouvez-vous me répondre en français si il vous plaît. Par avance merci. Livraison La poste, 2 rue de la Philosophie 93140 Bondy- France. Cordialement Lebobe André.

  • Bernard Lebobe

    Lebobe André, téléphone : 0633419198

  • Raffaele Valentini

    scusa  ma dov'è il mio ordine  HST # 45545 .

  • Jamie Winder

    BSI customer service is an absolute disgrace. The automated email responses and ‘Help’ pages seem deliberately unhelpful and the whole thing feels like a scam. 

  • Alessia Baldi

    This is insane, waiting for my order from November 2020. Where is my order COL#2747

  • A.Vis

    And another dissatisfied customer. Order 29th November still haven't received sweater for my daughter. Order #68510-LOUIS (or Order Number: 2042116 as by shipping confirmation mail))
    Despite several mails, and like Jamie only automated replies, after like 10-15 days waiting ...
    This is really bad seller practice, especially for a Merchandise business, who life by the grace of fans like my daughter ....

  • Rhiannon B

    I ordered nearly a month ago and still haven't received a dispatch email, the items were supposed to be for my friends birthday and still haven't been received. Apparently they are struggling to find my order on the system.
    I will unfortunately be reporting this website if I do not receive my order.

  • Laura

    In april I order a T-shirt and I didn't receive anything, the code of the order is 9007335, so where is??

  • Fiorenzo Baldoni

    Sito truffa.
    Il mio ordine non solo non è mai stato consegnato, ma a tutte le email inviate ricevo come risposta un numero di pratica che dopo pochi giorni viene chiusa senza nessuna spiegazione.

  • Jay

    And another dissatisfied customer. Order August 12th and on August 18th I got an email saying that the order has been shipped but we still haven't received the sweater for my daughter. Order 2348543 with the Product : LOUIS95
    Brand : Louis Tomlinson
    Item : Peach Reflection Smiley Hoodie
    (as by shipping confirmation mail). It's been almost two months. WHERE. IS. MY. ORDER?

  • Monica Sena

    Estoy esperando mi pedido desde noviembre 2021 y nadie me confirma cuanto más debo esperar, ni donde está. Que alguien me ayude por favor!!!


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